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Annalisa – Se avessi un cuore (Official Album Cover, Tracklist)

Annalisa - Se avessi un cuore

Se avessi un cuore is the new fifth studio album by Italian singer-songwriter Annalisa Which is Expected to release via itunes by may 20th 2016 Digitally. Also in May, the singer will star in the next two tour premieres in Milan and Rome, which will be advanced by Date Zero to cream.

The album will be the song that the singer has brought to the race this year in the Champions category during the 66th edition of the Sanremo Festival, ” The Flood .”

” Se avessi un cuore is an important one, because it is an album written entirely by me and then an album where I got in the game a lot, so not only important, very personal. There are things I need to tell the stories I wanted to tell and I did it in a very instinctive. It ‘a point that is a bit’ of time that I want to get there and finally with this record I have the opportunity to really deepen write and tell in a sincere manner, without getting there and talk about everything and nothing. Not only what I need to talk, so I’m very happy. It ‘a singer-songwriter album, because writing is very important, however, is a decidedly modern disc, the sound is very modern and there is a lot of electronics in it. The concept Se avessi un cuore, the title, is a provocation. It ‘a song contained in the disc and the way it is getting a little’ analysis of consciousness when you relate with others. It ‘an invitation to be this question. It ‘something I try to do often, but sometimes one forgets for lightness, distraction and ends that you are perceived in a different way from how you feel or how we would like to be perceived. Sometimes it’s a moment that you are thinking about something else and not you realize that the person you have in front of you expect something different from you or something better from you . ”

Release Date : May 20th, 2016


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