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Andy Stott – Too Many Voices (Album)

Andy Stott - Too Many Voices

Too Many Voices is the new 4th studio album by Manchester-based producer of dub and techno music Andy Stott which is expected to release via itunes by April 22nd 2016 Digitally.

I get exposed to new and old material and something will just stick in my mind and come out later. Sometimes a sound will just come and I’ll just be off with the idea.It triggered these other things that I had heard in my mind and I realized I could get the same vibe with that sound.

According to the label, the album takes inspiration from both the music of Yellow Magic Orchestra and grime as well as referencing This Mortal Coil and Dead Can Dance, offering “a vision of the future as was once imagined.”

Andy Stott tour dates:
March 31 – Nashville, TN @ Big Ears Festival
April 29 – Las Vegas, NV @ Further Future Festival
May 7 – Pioneer Town, CA @ Pappy & Harriets w/ Four Tet and Ben UFO

Release Date : April, 22nd, 2016


1. Waiting For You
2. Butterflies
3. New Romantic
4. First Night Alone
5. Forgotten
6. Selfish
7. On My Mind
8. Over
9. Too Many Voices

Too Many Voices Full Album ZIP – Download Links