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Allie X – Too Much To Dream (Single ITUNES)

Allie X - Too Much To Dream (Single ITUNES)

Too Much To Dream is the new single song by Canadian singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles Allie X which is expected to release via itunes by This Thrusday May 12th 2016 Digitally. All of the major labels that are interested in me now might have actually had people who had heard ‘Catch’ a month or two ago, and weren’t interested,” says Allie X, in her first major interview. “When I was writing that material, and I was never thinking, ‘Oh, I’m going to be a songwriter and write for other people,'” she says. “I moved into a place out here and picked up the pace even more. I think I’ve written 200 songs since I came out here in July.”

Allie X is a complete and self-contained project. She communicates through her music (and the visuals that accompanies it) and leaves the rest to your own imagination — a rare treat in the digital era.

She even tweeted

X’s. Tune into @zanelowe on @Beats1 on Thursday 9-11am (PST) to hear the first track from #CLXIIɄ: Too Much To Dream

Release Date : May 12th 2016

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