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Alicia Keys – In Common (Single ITUNES)

 Alicia Keys - In Common

In Common is the new single song by American singer-songwriter and pianist Alicia Keys which was released via itunes on May 04th 2016 Digitally. while the singer plans to perform live for the first time the song during this week’s Saturday Night Live episode.

In addition, she will make history with this track on May 28th in Milan, when she will be the first ever musician to open the UEFA Champions League Final. The song is a departure from her branded soulful sound, and opts for a more international vibe. While Keys chooses to delicately sing of the similarities between her and her love, the lyrics paint a picture of a couple who mirror one another in ways never before experienced with past lovers.

Keys sets the sexy mood on the late-night burner, which finds her singing about an undeniable love. “We got way too much in common since I’m being honest with you,” she sings over the Latin-flavored rhythm. “Who wants to love somebody like me? / You wanna love somebody like me? / If you could love somebody like me, you must be messed up too.”

Release Date : May 04th 2016

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