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Alexandra Stan – Alesta Album

Alexandra Stan Alesta Album

Alesta is the new 3rd album by Romanian Singer and Songwriter Alexandra Stan which is scheduled to release on march 9th 2016. I don’t know why is she releasing in Japan first? I remember the previous album being the case then the international version. She will probably release a US/International version a few months after the Japan release. I wish she released Trumpet Blows as a single.
She has a special love for the Japan market. Also for her last album she released in Japan firstly! I can’t wait for her dance bops!!

“I Did It Mama” was released as the album’s second single in November. The album also includes her recent collaboration with Romanian rapper Dorian in his single “Motive”.


1. Step It Up – download
2. Get What You Give – download
3. We Wanna (feat. Daddy Yankee) – Alexandra Stan & Inna – download
4. Alone – download
5. Ecoute – download
6. Balans Feat. Mohombi – download
7. Coco Banana – download
8. I Did It Mama – download
9. 9 Lives – download
10. La Fuega – download
11. Boom Pow – download
12. Motive (feat. Alexandra Stan) – Dorian – download
13. Baby, It’S Ok (feat. Alexandra Stan & Viper) – download

Alesta Full Album ZIP – Download Links