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Akcent – Love the Show Album

Akcent – Love the Show

Love the Show is the new album by multi-certified, award-winning Romanian artist Akcent Which was release via ITUNES on April 1st 2016.

Adrian Sina filmed and the video of the single that gives the album name, along with Lidia Buble. “The Love Show” and an album already has Prieview. If you want to hear how it sounds, give him a play:

Once “We feel the same” and “Kamelia” Lidia Buble and boys remains special guest on this album. “I argue” and “Serai” are just two of the new collaboration.

Their special guest is Lidia Buble. Their first collaboration, “We feel the same,” brought nearly 20 million views on YouTube. Then came “Kamelia” with more than 32 million views.

The album will also be addressed Akcent song “Amor Gitana” launched by Sandra N.

This is his first album as solo act and it was released as visual album including 10 music videos, one for each song on the album. All the visuals were also premiered the same day of the album’s release.

Release Date : April 1st 2016


1. Serai (feat. Lidia Buble)
2. Push (feat. Amira)
3. Phou Phou (feat. Reea & Aza)
4. Boca Linda (feat. Tamy & Reea)
5. Se Thelo (feat. Sandra N. & Véo)
6. Bounce
7. Sofia (feat. CoJo, Lazy & Andrei Vitan)
8. Deeply In Love (feat. Jordan)
9. Feelings (feat. Mike Miller & Molitor)
10. Maria Maria (feat. Andrei Vitan)
11. Amor Gitana (feat. Sandra N.) [Bonus Track]
12. Te Quiero (Bonus Track)
13. Dilemma (feat. Meriem) [Bonus Track]

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